Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Unexpected Places

There is something about playing music in a band that is really special. Over the past couple of months, Scott Stevens and Doug Dickey and myself have been practicing weekly and sometimes twice weekly to prepare for leading worship at the Maine UCC 2015 Annual Meeting. My Maine 20/30 UCC pastors group was asked to lead worship and offer upbeat and lively music by our new Conference Minister the Rev. Deborah Blood. So of course I took this to mean offer a variety of different kinds of music, the Civil Wars, The Mama’s & the Papa’s, some Gospel, and beyond. So I enlisted, or rather, begged, Scott and Doug to join me. Turns out they really enjoy playing music together and we’re a good ensemble. Then on Friday of the conference we added my clergy colleagues, Geoff Parker and Kelli Whitman, and also the church pianist Lynne.

 The theme of the conference was “Finding GOD in Unexpected Places” and we were reminded of the disciples who found Jesus on the road to Emmaus. They didn’t recognize him at first, but the scriptures reports “their eyes were opened in the breaking of the bread.” There is something about that practice of having a meal together, where we can come to welcome each other in new ways. This happened at the conference over meals, and also as we broke bread together in communion.

The picture above is the altar that we created to symbolize finding God in Unexpected Places. I borrowed these lobster traps from my friend and lobsterman Pat White, for which I am grateful. God finds us on unexpected roads, surprising us with the beauty of unexpected friendships that grow and blossom because you’re asked to play music together, or to lead worship together, and you say yes. 

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