Communion and Confession: 

As a practice of personal and corporate piety, laying ourselves prostrate before God and one another enables us to grow personally and as a community, enabling us to weave the threads of our lives together with others. I believe that when we allow our authentic selves to bear witness to the real work God is doing in our lives, we can better live into the work of the body of Christ.

Preaching and Teaching: 

Jesus is more than a self-help guru here to make the overworked, underpaid masses feel better about ourselves at the end of a long, work week. Jesus preaches and teaches about another Way, another world that is possible. Seeing Jesus with new eyes and listening to scripture with new ears opens the floodgates to the transformative work that is possible and unfolding in our midst in the world today. When people of faith engage in their communities and infiltrate the civic sector, we can become a spiritual force for positive social change. We know that most people learn in multiple ways, and hands-on-learning is how most of us learn best. Studying Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed has significantly shaped my pedagogical methods, as a facilitator and teacher I long to nurture these holy spaces where play based learning emerges and community issues lead to deepened dialogues.

Solidarity and Advocacy: 

Standing alongside the marginalized in the work of justice and peace is my ontological calling. Solidarity isn’t about when its comfortable for us, in fact being in solidarity means coming to terms that what is comfortable for me often isn’t comfortable for the marginalized. Comfort often comes at the expense of another person’s access to community or resources. I believe worship should be a welcoming space for all people, and this means listening to those who have little voice or access to resources outside the walls of the church, and lifting their concerns higher.

Liturgy and Youth Outreach:

There is a deep well of creativity in my being screaming to be stirred, whether in worship, spiritual formation, work with children and young adults- readiness for seeing what is possible and what is not yet, is a particular passion of mine, and developing a plan with shared leadership.

I am passionate about nurturing community centered around worship. Communion is the beating heart of worship, and central to . Jesus’ ministry documented in the gospels continues to inspire me today to work towards greater wholeness in the world. I believe that this is what the ministry of the church should be centered around. What keeps us nourished for the work is having deep roots. I am passionate about folks sharing their stories of God’s work in their lives. beyond a shadow of a doubt young people find God when they engage in social justice projects. I am passionate about loving all people, especially youth, and training my congregation to love young people for who they are and how God is calling them to transformational ministry.

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