Prayer of Welcome

God you have called us here, and we responded this morning by stepping out from the chaos of our individual lives to come to this holy place to be as one. We come to center our hearts. We find joy and renewal in this place. We find you. In the laughter of our friend, and the joy of the children, in the movement of the Holy Spirit that compels us to share how great you are with all that we meet. You gather your people from the North and South and East and West to share Christ’s amazing love that casts out all fear. We pray for those who live without hope, for those that the day-light looks to be night.

God touch us that we may trust you and be strong even when we are weary, that we may grow in union with all of our sisters and brothers, so that we may see deeply into ourselves and into our common ministry. Amen.
Prayer of Thanksgiving (Spring)

God we have so much to give thanks for, for the beautiful sunshine, for the budding of trees, for the daffodils bursting forth. For new birth and the spirit of love and fellowship that moves us to rakes leaves, and make meals, bring friends to church, for trying that new something that might even stretch us farther than we have ever been before as a community. We get to participate in your work God, as co-creators, people who are called to be hope bearers, in word and action.  Amen.
Prayer for Courage

Holy One we need you.

You are the vine and we are the branches. We are totally reliant on you, we who struggle to give up control, may we move closer to you God, so that we can trust more fully your Spirit’s leading.

You call us out of our comfort zones into places of discomfort. Where we see the pain of the world. Part of us wants to turn around and walk away. It seems too big, too complicated for what we can handle, but there you are in the midst of the brokenness, holding your children to your breast, rescuing us from the rubble. Amen.

Benediction of Perseverance

Deep in our hearts, we know that we are children of God. Remember who you are, then, and walk
in the assurance of God’s presence and love with you always, strengthening you for the living of your days.
And may the grace and peace of God the Creator, the Redeemer, and the Sustainer come upon you this day and remain with you
 always. Amen.

Prayer for Peace

O God of Love, you call us to you, beckoning us, pulling us towards you… the only place that we can find rest, rest from the busyness, from all the things that distract us, from the knowledge that we are yours.

Thank-you for reminding us that our worth and our value doesn’t come from status, belongings, or popularity… we all approach the foot of the cross kneeling, its then that these artificial markers fade away…. Wean us from the enemy within ourselves, the self-hate, the ways we are destructive to our own bodies, to our loved ones, to our community.

This world and all life is your masterpiece, and you spoke all life into existence, reminding us that your creation is GOOD. And yet our hearts are full with the heaviness from the battlefields and bloodshed across this fragile planet, affecting the lives of the most vulnerable.

God in your mercy, show us the way of justice and peace. Speak to all peoples, but speak especially to us, that we have grace and courage to prepare for peace. Forgive us for not taking more steps here to promote peace. We know that every action done to help others is act of love and comes from you. Amen.

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