Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Reading: Pastrix

Meeting weekly on Monday nights at Pastor Rachel’s, a small group of folks are gathering to read Pastrix by Nadia Boltz-Weber. Nadia’s take on ministry will have you laughing and crying. So far we have been moved by the way that Nadia encourages fellow Christians to make space for folks who are addicts, or recovering, or who find themselves on the belief continuum, and need a place of safety to explore without being judged. She shares her stories of failure and yet the ways God breaks into her life and cuts through her doubt, and disbelief. One particular claim that resonated with the group is “something has to die for something to live.” This is a provocative claim to make especially as we contextualize this within the framework of church life. Our churches fear change, including our own, and yet we are resurrection people. God will not betray us. I wonder who might be missing in the seats of our church if we really begin to look and ask.

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